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Active tracking system that, thanks to an INNOVATIVE IDEA, recognizes the vehicle's owner trough his own mobile phone, by using the Bluetooth channel, but not causing any disturbance to it (hands free, headphones etc...).
It will be possible to store till four mobile phone's numbers. By installing this product will be not necessary anymore to use other accessories like transponders and so on and above all it will be impossible to forget the mobile phone at home, office, restaurant, etc...
Along with the kit there is a remote control to use in case of emergency. The remote control could be hide inside the vehicle from the owner and the installer will not know the final position of it.

Main features for all SAT JAVA models

- Car (12V) and Truck (24V) automatic power
- The software can be updated on the air
- "High sensitivity" 16 channels GPS receiver
- GSM/GPRS quadri - band transmitter receiver with Java platform
- Relay for engine cut out (AUTOMATIC) and blinkers flashing (except mod.2008LL)
- 1 output and 3 digital inputs (except mod.2008LL)
- Digital accelerometer sensor; 3 axes for tilt sensor and crash
- Internal battery (36 hours of autonomy) with automatic alarm
- Target IN and OUT
- Speed, life and Km control
- Automatic control on a not authorized vehicle's movement
- Built in alarm with ANTI HIJACK to activate through: negative command, weekly timer and/or SMS
- "History" data management through web site
- Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 3 cm


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